We supply cafes.

All of our resources, energy, ideas and passion go towards building a company that meets the needs of Australia’s independent cafes. We want to be the best baked-goods wholesaler you ever work with. A lot of effort goes into marketing, developing, baking and shipping our cookies. They’re delicious, look amazing and are good sellers. 

freezer friendly

Reduce waste. Butterbings can be stored frozen for up to 8 weeks.

good shelf life

Once thawed, Butterbings keep for 5 days.

Gluten Free

All of our products are gluten free and some are nut free.

loved brand

Butterbing was established in 2013. We've created a brand that's well known and truly loved.


We can ship cookies to most of Australia!


Founded by a woman, and supporting women and their families.

easy ordering

Use Ordermentum, sms, email or phone to place your orders. We're great at communication.

sells well

Butterbings are proven sellers. Ask us which flavours get the best results.

Become our next stockist. Get in touch.

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