Honey Joy – 16 Cookies


  • Honey Joy Catering and Wholesale Pack - Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches - Delivery Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra
  • Honey Joy – 16 Cookies
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  • Honey Joy – 16 Cookies
  • Honey Joy – 16 Cookies
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Coconut Butterbing

Exploding with honey, corn flakes and memories of childhood birthday parties. Sweet honey buttercream with smashed up honey-joys, inside and out. Golden, crunchy and smiles of joy.


Dark chocolate, butter, icing sugar, sugar, housemade honey joys (gluten-free corn flakes, butter, sugar, honey), free-range eggs, gluten-free flour, honey, salt, baking powder, colour.

Allergen Information

Contains soy and eggs (cooked). May contain traces of peanuts, sesame seeds, tree nuts and wheat.

Are Butterbings gluten free?

Butterbings do not contain any sources of gluten and are baked with gluten-free flour. However, while we carefully source ingredients and wash equipment thoroughly, our kitchen is sometimes used to bake goods containing gluten. As a result, we choose not to offer a 100% gluten-free guarantee out of respect for those with coeliac disease.

Individual size: 7.5cm
Individual weight: 80g
Pack size: 16 cookie sandwiches
Serves: 16 people (catering / party size)
Fridge Shelf Life: 5 days
Frozen Shelf Life: 8 weeks
Storage: Airtight and refrigerated
Serve: Best to be served at room temperate (some like it cold)
Nutritional Information, Ingredients & Calories: Refer to image gallery

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