Butterbing was founded in my home kitchen in 2014 and has grown into a fine-tuned operation that supplies over 400 cafes throughout Australia. It’s been an exciting and challenging journey.

What is most surprising for me, is that I never dreamt of opening a bakery. I’m an ex-graphic designer from rural Australia, who at 25, noped out of the 9-to-5 and went backpacking to seek something more out of life. By the time I returned to Australia, the thought of moving to Melbourne and opening a food business consumed my mind.

I wanted to open a beautiful Ottenlenghi-inspired grab & go venue in the city, and I needed a commercial kitchen to get started. However, the budget dictated that I had to use my home kitchen, and the council ruling meant that I was limited to only baked goods. So I opened a ‘temporary’ wholesale bakery to get my foot in the door.

About six months into my newfound baking career, I started making ‘Brownie Kisses’ (what we now know as Butterbings). This is the moment where everything changed. I can’t quite explain the phenomenon, but Butterbings get people seriously excited. From day one, it was apparent that I had struck baking-gold.

The demand was overwhelming and pretty soon the bakery consumed my home. Within 12 months, I had moved into a commercial kitchen, employed bakers and was supplying 100 cafes in Melbourne.

Today, the Butterbing team is made up of 17 talented and experienced women, and together we’re on a mission to make Butterbing an iconic Australian food brand that stands the test of time.

– Simone Clark