The Melbourne Food Bible: The Dessert Issue

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Melbourne! Prepare yourself for the latest scoop on the best bites, devilish desserts and culinary magic this city has to offer.

For saints and sinners alike, our Melbourne Food Bible is THE definitive food guide, giving you never-before-seen access to your new favourite healthy feasts, the most sinfully guilty treats and monstrous food challenges.

Our Melbourne Food Bible is here to help and unlike your traditional menu, we're serving dessert first. Get ready to dig in! Guilty Treats: Our sweetest Picks 'round town
Oops, you just stole a cookie from the cookie jar, didn't you? It's okay, your secret is safe with us. Since we're sharing, we have some secrets too...

Melbourne is the ultimate foodie destination and with so much on offer, it's hard to choose.. Let's take a look at the guilty treats that made our list of must-try sweets that will definitely break the diet. Drum roll, please...

The Bakers Wife

Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches and Bakers Wife Scoopon Food Guide

This succulent eatery combines 27 years of baking expertise with friendly service, for an experience that will have you coming back for more. Set in a stunning industrial-style aesthetic, The Bakers Wife bakes delicious sweets on premises that are truly out of this world.
Oh, the donuts; take your pick from Custard, Nutella and Jam. Each bite gets better, with oozing flavours from the centre, your best bet is to buy all three.
Time for a riddle...
What do you get when muffin meets croissant? CRUFFIN. Yes folks, The Bakers Wife are well known for their Cruffins. You just can't go past the custard stuffed Cruffin, taking shape of a muffin complemented with pastry of a croissant and a strawberry on top, this dessert will melt in your mouth.

Now, let's talk Vanilla Slice. But not just any Vanilla Slice, The Bakers Wife Vanilla Slice. Grab a box of 10, because these bad boys fly out the door. No seriously, they have wings. These desserts are a first in best-dressed kind of deal so be sure to get in early.

The Challah French Toast is to die for. This unique take on the brunch favourite is served with fresh berries, lemon curd, pistachio praline and Mascarpone Brulee; there isn't much more that needs to be said. Let your taste buds do the talking!
Address: 414 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124



Noun // pronounced, 'loo-koo-ma-thez'
Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches and Lukumages Scoopon Food Guide
- A deep fried dough pastry known as the 'Greek donut'
- The best thing you'll ever put in your mouth
Nestled on Peel St, West Melbourne, Lukumades serves up delicious Greek-style donuts with a range of exciting flavours. Taking you to Greece and back, grab a selection of childhood favourites...
Oreo Balls, lathered in Melted Chocolate, sprinkled with crushed Oreos and Cookies & Cream to finish. Have it your way with Milky Way, a classic twist on a household favourite with melted Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Chocolate Gelato. Get your Twix Fix with a drizzle of Salted Caramel Sauce, crushed Twix and Vanilla Bean Gelato bathed in melted Milk Chocolate. For the traditionalists out there, grab your Greek Donuts with honey and Cinnamon.


Butterbings Cookie Sandwiches

Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches Scoopon Food Guide

What are they? 🤤

Well, it started in 2013 with Simone Clarke baking away in her home kitchen. After a few bowls filled with ingredients from her local IGA, a kitchen mixer and some 10 cups of coffee, the iconic Butterbing was born...

Smashing two brownie cookies either side of a delicious filling, the Butterbing is a scrumptious, flavour-bursting chocolate cookie that has teased the streets of Melbourne for the last 5 years. You'll find this gem in over 100 cafes around the city.

Don't be alarmed - we've chased down a couple for you!
Manchester Press
Little Bang (RMIT)
The Honourable Judge
Father John Cafe
Urban Fox
Reunion & Co
Or if you prefer, have these mouth-watering treats delivered straight to your door by ordering them online at Butterbing! Indulging your taste buds from the couch has never been sweeter.

Gelato Messina

Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches and Gelato Messina Scoopon Food Guide
How good does an ice cream parlour need to be to have a line down the street in winter?

Messina good!
At Gelato Messina, there's no room for excuses. With Gelato that packs a punch every lick, Messina's open plan space offers a firsthand view of the creamy magic as it happens, so you can watch the freshly prepared gelato make its way from machine to cabinet, then straight into your hands.
What's on offer?
Pear & Rhubarb with Chocolate Fondant... Coffee & Hazelnut... Vanilla & Chocolate Fondant... Italian Nougat & Tiramisu... Poached Figs in Marsala & Gianduia.... Coconut...
Okay, you get the drift; the flavours are insane.
For those who enjoy the classics, Gelato Messina stocks traditional Vanilla, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate plus much more! Every ingredient is made in-house, from the pistachios to the brownies, to the apple pies and the spiced rhubarb.
Visit Gelato Messina in Fitzroy, Richmond and Windsor today.

There you have it!

Our dessert secrets are out - and it's only our first issue...
We apologise in advance to those trying to stick to their diets, but hey, we all need to live a little, right? The next instalment of our holy grail of culinary creations entails a journey across the city for the BIGGEST dishes in existence.
We're about to bring a whole new meaning to the term 'food coma', with monsters that will challenge you mentally, physically and spiritually. Think you've seen the biggest, baddest burger, like... ever? Hold onto your napkins 'cause you're in for a shock.
Stay tuned for the next issue of The Melbourne Food Bible - the food game is about to change - big time.