Melbourne’s famous Butterbing cookie sandwiches have landed on the Gold Coast

As featured in The Weekend Edition Gold Coast written by Janna Hrastovec

If you’ve ever ventured to Melbourne, then you’d most probably be familiar with the gooey, buttery goodness of the Butterbing cookie sandwiches. Pals, our time has come – you can now find these drool-worthy cookie sandwiches right here on the Gold Coast. Oh, and they are here to stay.

Paradox Coffee Roasters Gold Coast QLD Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches


You can thank the coffee geniuses at Paradox Coffee Roasters in The 4217 in Surfers Paradise, because this is the first Gold Coast location where you’ll find the Butterbing goodness on the daily. For those thinking ‘what the heck is a Butterbing?’, it’s two dark-chocolate brownie cookies separated by a smushing centre of delicious buttercream, which come in a variation of mouth-watering flavours.

At Paradox, you’ll find an assortment of these buttery delights on offer, including Nutella, vanilla bean, peanut butter and salted caramel. These little morsels of goodness have created a sugar-crazed fuss in the southern state – and it’s not that hard to see (or taste) why. The only natural thing to do now is go and try one, or all four flavours, for yourself. Right now.