Cookie Sandwiches are Coming to Canberra!


As featured in Her Canberra written by Molly McLaughlin 

They’re the newest addition to the ever-growing list of food mash-ups (think cronuts, rainbow bagels and brownie s’mores) and they’re coming to Canberra for a one-off pop-up shop on Saturday at Barrio Coffee Collective. Based in Melbourne, Simone Clark is the founder of Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches and she’s taking her cookies on a road trip to Canberra and Sydney. Did I mention they’re filled with buttercream?
Barrio Collective in Braddon Butterbing Cookie Sandwich Canberra

Simone studied graphic design in Canberra, and after working and travelling ended up in Melbourne. In 2013 she started her own bakery in her kitchen at home, where she could only make six cookie sandwiches at a time. The popularity of Butterbing cookie sandwiches increased until she needed to move into a commercial kitchen and hire a team of bakers, and now Butterbing bakes for over 80 cafes in Melbourne.

“I decided I’d love a job that wasn’t at a desk and was more using my hands and on my feet,” she says. “Through my team of bakers, Butterbing has created a small community of people that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. We work hard but we love it.”

Simone’s current favourite flavour is the almond crunch sandwich cookie. “We favour nut based flavours because it’s a really popular and classic combination with chocolate,” she says. “I have a bit of a weak spot for browned butter so we decided to combine toasted almonds with browned butter in the form of a butter cream.”

At the moment Simone isn’t able to deliver cookies outside of Melbourne because the cookie sandwiches need special conditions when they’re transported, but Simone has big plans for the future.

“I would love if we could solve our shipping issues so we could deliver in Canberra and Sydney where we get a lot of requests,” she says. “Hopefully that will happen soon. We’re also working on having a shopfront in Melbourne so people could come and get cookie sandwiches directly to the public.”

In the meantime, Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches will be available on Saturday 13 February at Barrio Collective in Braddon (on Lonsdale Street in the Ori Building) from 11am onwards. Find out more at